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Benchmarks are set when this experience and passion for precision meets body analysis

The result is the seca medical Body Composition Analyzer, or seca mBCA for short. It is the only body composition analyzer designed for medical use, and validated against the Four Compartment Model – the gold standard for fat mass estimation

V02 Testing

Take your workout to the next level.

VO2 metabolic testing is the gold standard  in determining how efficiently your body utilizes oxygen during exercise.  With this information, you or your trainer can design a custom cardio program that will get you to your goals more effectively.

3D Body Scan

Get hyper-accurate body measurements.

Quick and comfortable, our 3D body scan gives you hundreds of precise body surface measurements and allows you to track and view changes through multiple scans.

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate)

Take the guess work out of dieting.

RMR testing is ideal for individuals who want to lose, gain, or maintain weight. By knowing your metabolic rate, you are able to determine the right number of calories needed for your body and metabolism.

C02 Testing

Learn how well you're burning fat.

C02 Analysis will determine what percentage of carbohydrates and fats your body uses. The more fats our bodies use as fuel the more fat loss will occur.

Get Your Analysis.

Get a clear picture of where you are today so that you can get the best plan to reach your goals.

We are Mobile.

Body MetRx brings the best body analysis tests to your door. So organizing your test day is that much easier. We serve the entire Southern California area.

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What gets measured gets improved. Work with us at BodyMetRx to make the improvements you want!

Be Ready.

We make getting a full body analysis super easy and convenient.  We want you to get the most out of our services. Please have a look at our preparation guides so that you’ll be ready.

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