V02 Metabolic Testing


Maximize the amount of fat you burn.

Considered the Gold Standard in cardio respiratory fitness testing, VO2 determines the amount of oxygen a person utilizes during exercise.

Using this value and your heart rate, precise caloric expenditures can be determined at different training intensity levels. With this information, a custom cardio program can be designed to achieve personal goals, allowing you to train smarter, not harder.


VO2 testing will pinpoint your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds which reveals the exercise level that will optimize your ability to burn fat. The term “aerobic exercise” has been commonly used in relation to burning fat. But without VO2 testing, fitness professionals have had to rely on crude estimates to determine what level of exercise intensity would be “aerobic” or fat burning.

Now, with VO2 testing readily available, you will know where to keep your heart rate at to truly maximize the amount of fat you burn. The analysis will also show when your body transitions from burning fats to burning carbohydrates.

Frequently we push ourselves thinking, “no pain, no gain.” The truth is, pushing beyond one’s optimal zone leads to fatigue and discomfort. It will also cause increased soreness after the workout and may contribute to exercise related injury. When you know your zones and use them for training, cardiovascular exercise is comfortable and effective. Even a beginner can go the distance.

CO2 testing can be ran alongside your VO2 test. This analysis will determine what percentage of carbohydrates and fats your body uses. The more fats our bodies use as fuel the more fat loss will occur. When our bodies use carbohydrates, it can pull them from muscle, depleting the muscle.

The human body naturally burns more calories each day to maintain a pound of muscle than it does to maintain a pound of fat. Therefore, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day at rest.


Which means, by building and maintaining muscle, you’ll increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine versus a carbohydrate burning machine. You can see your percentages gravitate towards more favorable balances through multiple testing as you tweak your eating and fitness regimes.

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Exercise smarter, not harder