About The Summer Challenge

6 week individual challenge. $2000 in cash!

How it works:
1. Choose one of the options below which includes discounts from 30-40%
2. Schedule an appointment

The challenge is 6 weeks long, and your 6 weeks start on the day of your initial appointment. Your final weigh-in will be scheduled 6 weeks from that day, so all participants have an equal time frame to change their body composition.

You must make your initial appointment between May 2nd – and June 4th, space is limited so reserve your spot ASAP.

We will award the winner with $2000 in cash. The winner will be determined by the most body fat percentage lost. In the event of a tie, we will go to muscle as the deciding factor (who gained the most/lost the least).

Don’t want to compete? No problem! You can still purchase a package and save 30-40% and use it any time for a non-Challenge appointment.

3 Ways to Enter:

Basic Entry

$140 $196
  • (2) Body Composition Tests*
  • (2) 3D Scans*

Basic + Nutrition

$325 $434
  • (2) Body Composition Tests*
  • (2) 3D Body Scans*
  • Personal Metabolism Test
  • Custom Meal Plan

Everything Entry

$475 $741
  • (2) 3D Body Scans
  • (2) Body Composition Tests
  • (1) Personal Metabolism Test
  • (1) Custom Meal Plan
  • (1) Optimal Fat Burning Test
  • (1) Cardio Plan
  • (1) Strength Training Plan

Your challenge starts the day you weigh in and ends 6 weeks from then.

The winner is determined by who loses the most body fat (percentage). In the event of a tie, the person who gains/loses the least amount of muscle will be the winner.

If COVID shuts the world down, the end date will be extended. In an extreme case (months of shut down) your credits for final testing will be available upon reopening.

*1 test at the start of the Challenge, 1 test at the end

Last years success pictures!

Victorville, CA

A mother of 3 boys including a set of 4-year-old twins and has a full-time job. If she can do it so can you! Want to hear her story and see her receive a GIANT $1,000 check?
Watch Her Story

Yucaipa, CA

“Once I received my meal plan and started to exercise properly I was shocked to see how quickly my body started to respond and change. I started to burn fat, put on muscle and even sleep better and longer. The body fat loss challenge was a great way to get me motivated and to stay on track.”
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Interviews with Last Years Winners