Erick Rodriguez Body Composition Analyst, B.S. Kinesiology,
B.A. Business Concentration in Entrepreneur Management,
ACE Certified PT
In a fitness world filled with uncertainties, Erick has dedicated himself to learning the truth to helping people take the right steps for them to not only achieve their goals but live a healthier lifestyle.

Erick knows what it means to work hard to change your lifestyle. Going through an almost 50lb loss transformation himself helps him connect with people who are looking to start their own journey. He wants people to know what steps they can take so they change their lives not just for goal attainment, but for life. A CSUSB graduate with a B.A. in Entrepreneur Management and a B.S. in Kinesiology Exercise Science, he continues to further educate himself and stay on top of the latest news and trends in fitness. Also a certified personal trainer, he has worked with 100’s of people and has experienced the many struggles that people face trying to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege for me to have had this great opportunity getting to work with BodymetRx to help people in bettering their lives one meeting/test at a time.