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The Kansas Team

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Certified Body Composition Analyst

I started working with BodymetRx in 2020 when I decided to seriously pursue my goal of completing an Ironman triathlon. I was making great progress with my cardiovascular and body composition goals when I decided to relocate to Kansas City. I’ve since completed three 70.3 Ironmans and will be competing in my first full Ironman using the services that we offer to achieve that goal. Being a part of bringing BodymetRx to Kansas is a way for me to bring these incredible tools to my new community that I get to call home.

Certified Body Composition Analyst

Being a client at BodymetRx for the past several years has helped me understand the value of the insights one can gain by utilizing these tools. I was a chronic dieter for over 20 years, and the objective data I received from BodymetRx was what I needed to finally help me identify the progress I couldn’t see on my own anymore. Becoming a Certified Body Composition Analyst at BodymetRx KC has been a way for me to help others achieve their goals by using the assessment tools that help me continue to reach mine.

These are tests ANYONE who wants to further their fitness goals can do!! BodymetRX uses science to find the missing link between diet and exercise (I’ve even shared my results at the end) so you get specific information. Think inbody scan but 100000% more personalized and understandable. Plus they offer plans to help you utilize the information obtained and put it into action💪🏼 10/10 would recommend ✅
@hayleylewis_sports, ESPN Reporter
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