Membership & Pricing


How It Works

Here at Body MetRx, we want to see you succeed so we have put together 3 different packages to accommodate all budgets, weight loss and training goals. Each package provides you 4 assessments a year so that you can track your changes, adjust your diet and workouts quarterly based off your results. These are great guidelines, however you are not limited to these packages. All of our services can be mixed and matched to create a custom membership.

Why 4 Assessments?

As your body composition changes so will your caloric and macronutrient needs. In my experience, around 3 months is when people will start to hit a wall with weight loss and that’s because their body needs a different amount of calories to sustain it at the new weight.

Which Package is Best for Me?

If you need help feel free to call us for a consultation to get you going in right direction.

“Motivated”  – this is designed to track your body fat, muscle mass, total water weight and inches. If your scale is going up and you’re getting discouraged, this package will determine if it’s fat, muscle, or water tilting the scale in the wrong direction. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat so before you give up and eat an entire chocolate cake lets determine how that weight is distributed.

*These assessments are great to do every 6-12 weeks and extra assessments can be purchased at the membership rate if you would like to track yourself more frequently than every 3 months.


“Inspired” – This adds an RMR and CO2 assessment to the “Motivated” package.

If you’re not sure how many calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats your body needs to reach your goals then this is the package for you. If you think that eating less and less is going to get you results, you’re wrong. Your body will hold onto fat if you’re starving it. I bet you never thought you may need to eat more to lose weight right? Now you will finally know.


“Invigorated” – This adds a VO2 and CO2 assessment to the “Inspired” package.

So now you know what to eat and what you’re composed of. But what kind of exercise do you need to do? For how long? Well, everybody has different goals and preferences when it comes to the type of exercise they enjoy. As we do not write exercise programs at this time, we can give you some definitive answers to these questions based off a complete assessment. VO2 testing with CO2 will tell us where you need to keep your heart rate at to burn the most amount of fat for you. Have you ever heard that if you walk you will lose more weight than if you run? This is true for most people and we can show you how this applies to you based of your VO2 assessment. Now it’s time to implement this information into your workout routine to get you the results you want  faster