Mark Bierman
Weight Lost: 223 lbs.

My whole life has been a constant struggle with obesity.  At 25 years old I was nearing 500lbs with no real idea of how or why I had let myself get so out of control.  At 26 I was told by a Dr. that I would either need to lose weight or accept the fact my life was going to be cut short, I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic sleep apnea and difficulty breathing due to the pressure my weight was putting on my heart and lungs.  At this time I began following my own strict low carb, low calorie high deficit diet.  I lost 100lbs and felt like my goals might actually be attainable, until I reached my first plateau and could no longer function the way I had been. At this time, I began my journey with Block CrossFit.  Through constantly varied high intensity functional movements and a meal plan catered to my individual macro nutritional needs designed by Caitlin Mckee and Bodymetrx I have been able to further my weight loss and am currently down a total of 210lbs.  I am now healthier then I have been in over 15 years, I am no longer diabetic I have lowered my blood pressure to below the normal average resting rate and changed my once high cholesterol to a low and more healthy level.  I am now closer than I ever have been to what my prescribed bodyweight and muscle ratio should be and with the help of the great coaches at Block CrossFit the nutritional guidance from Caitlin Mckee and the total body measurements and scientific data provided by Marly Paulos and Bodymetrx I have a goal, a game plan and a time frame to achieve what I once thought was never possible.

Aly Powell
Fat Lost: 9% | Muscle Gained 4lbs.

Another person that has been with me from the very beginning is Marly Paulus at BodymetRx. As soon as I signed up at Powerlab I started a nutrition challenge, which I won 6 weeks later. I scanned for the first time with BodymetRx a month after starting Crossfit and have been scanning with her every few months since then. It’s so incredible to see progress tracked in real measurements and numbers. It has been such a great motivator and I am so grateful to have pictures of my progress over the past two years. It’s BodymetRx that helped me see my body for what it really was. It was BodymetRx that helped to change my mindset from focusing on the scale to focusing on the real results. Actually, one of her first recommendations was to throw away my scale… I thought she was crazy but of course, I never used it again.

Matthew Navarro
Fat Lost: 4%

When I first started out on this journey called fitness, I didn’t know what to expect. It started off as just losing weight, but now it has become more about losing fat and gaining muscle. Through the help of BodymetRx and Crossfit Awaken, I have lost 30 lbs and have Pr’d on all of my lifts and gymnastic movements. Having BodymetRx track your progress really lets you see that you’re losing fat all over your body. Even if it’s just as subtle as half an inch. It helps you stay consistent and show you how much that pays off. The coaches at Awaken are top of the line. They all care about your well being and coach you on nutrition, technique, and proper form. Having BodymetRx there to show you the progress in inches, lbs, and all the other good stuff that you should know, really pushes me to get into the gym and push harder. Marly actually gets excited about people’s progress. She doesn’t seem to be just doing it for a paycheck. She doesn’t it because she wants to help people better their lives through nutrition and fitness. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my results tracked and checked. I highly recommend going to BodymetRx.

Becca Bailey
Weight Lost: 55lbs.

I am a momma to 6 kids spaced just under 8 years apart. I was always determined to lose my baby weight after each baby, and for the most part, I did. I developed some bad habits during the course of losing and gaining weight through each pregnancy and period of breastfeeding afterward. I had been pregnant or breastfeeding from 2005-2015! My cheat meals turned into cheat weekends and vacations turned into a free-for-all on food. It was not uncommon for me to gain 15 pounds on a 3-week vacation. I also was in a vicious cycle of eating well starting Monday and then from Friday night until Sunday night eating anything I felt like. I would be 8-10 pounds heavier on Sunday night then I had been on Friday morning. I just couldn’t seem to get full and my sweet tooth (my biggest weakness) was never satisfied. My goal this year was to stop that habit. I also was not eating enough, but my answer was to cut more calories and up my cardio when I needed to get the weight back down to my “normal.” I went to BodymetRx in January so that I could get a measurement of what I needed to properly fuel my body. I wanted a plan that was specifically made for me, not just a generic calculation from some magazine.

I had my VO2 tested and my RMR. Marly pretty much told me that I needed to add about 500-600 more calories per day. She put in my macros into the FitnessPal app so that it was not too intimidating for me to get started. I upped my protein by about 80 grams per day and my fat was upped to 78 grams per day. I was getting little to none of that before because everything I ate was lean (until my cheat weekends). Now I eat a jar of almond butter a week in order to make sure I get enough fat! That is crazy. I started logging my food. I think I made it 100 days straight. During this time my body fat percentage, measured on the body scanner, went down to 13.9% at the lowest. I have been tracking my weight and muscle mass for probably three years on those and it had never been that low. I found myself eating more; more fat, more carbs, more proteins and leaning out. It still blows my mind. My sweet tooth is under control and I am not “hungry” anymore! This experience has been a life changer for me.