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Tyler Overstreet
Weight Lost: 6.45%, 9.82lbs fat, 11 inches

Knowing what to eat to gain muscle was key in my success. Also knowing my specific heart rate to burn fat and not muscle helped me to lean out significantly.

Staci Stack
Fat Lost: 5.4% | Pounds of Fat Lost 12.5 lbs. | Inches Lost 15 | 3 Months

We could not be more proud of Staci! It’s not easy, there is no magic pill, but overtime her habits have been improving and you can see the results for yourself.

Staci still had “bad” foods that she loved but reduced her intake of these things significantly. It’s a process, you can still have the things you love in moderation and get results.

Remember, you are human. We all have those things that are a go to for comfort. Significantly depriving yourself will just cause you to binge, then one morning you wake up and your 20, 30, 50 pounds heavier and don’t know what happened.
The first step is coming in.
Patrick Somers
Weight Lost: 4.765, 24.08lbs fat, 25.1 inches

I run my business by the belief that what gets measured gets results. With BodymetRx that philosophy resonated with me in that their whole process is about using measurements and data to get results.

Not only was BodymetRx the missing puzzle piece that led to my success, but their passion knowledge and commitment to me as a client held me accountable.

Amanda Woodruff
Weight Lost: 21.2lbs | Fat Lost: 13.3%
Learning to count macros has been the missing piece in my fitness journey that I’ve been looking for. Over the past 10+ years I’ve tried several “ways of eating” all of which were unsustainable for me. For years I used to label food as either “good” or “bad”. I used to think certain foods had to be off limits if I ever wanted to lean out. I was working out consistently, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I thought I was just getting “too old” to have the body I wanted or that it was my kids that “wrecked” my chances of being lean. Tons of excuses that never got me to my goal.
Testing my metabolism and body composition with BodymetRx has empowered me to control of my health and fitness. I know exactly what my body needs, it’s custom to me! Counting macros has allowed me to change my body composition (loose body fat, gain muscle), learn about nutrition and portion size, and helped heal my relationship with food. No food is “off limits” or bad. Everything is just food and I’ve learned how to see it as fuel for my body to reach my goals.
Counting macros let me be in control of my food choices. I decide what’s worth it and what’s not. I will eat the donut…if I want to, but I will adjust my day so that I can feel good about eating the donut and still stay in control and know that my day isn’t wrecked because I ate the donut. It’s a very satisfying/comforting way to go about eating.  At the end of the day, I want to be happy and feel good and know that I stayed on track to reach my goals. And if I didn’t, I don’t quit. I just refocus for the next day. My results come from consistency over time, not 1 day. The results I get are based on the effort I put in and I love my results so far!
James Peristis
Weight Lost: 5.11%, 10.13 lbs | Gained 3.75 lbs muscle

Hello my name is James. For 13 years I lived with addiction destroying my body and almost died multiple times. Getting clean I realized I owed it to myself and my kids to take care of my body. I tried reaching goals on my own playing the guessing game and modifying workouts until I met Marly and her incredible team at BodymetRx. They were very welcoming and helpful with any questions I had. Everything was tailored to my wants and pretty simple to follow. For myself, it was a few simple tweaks of how and when I did cardio and eating more. With their help I have not only been able to meet my goals but exceed them. I’ve learned it takes a team to make the dream work and I could not have found a better team. Thank you all for what you do!