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3 objections to CrossFit


1. Too expensive:
I’m a tight wad, so this was my personal best objection. With CrossFit, you get what you pay for. (If you’re not, you may want to consider changing boxes). What most people don’t know Is that the ratio of athletes to coaches is ridiculous (in a good sense), so it’s almost like you have a personal trainer every session. Somebody is always watching your form and advising you to make modifications as needed. I’m a chronic back archer, and my form gets advised pretty much every other WOD. But when you’re in the zone and your form starts to default, it’s always nice to utilize the constructive criticism. Now if you think you’re going to sand bag it and hide in the back of a class, forget it. These roaming tigers are out to get you. But that’s exactly what you pay for. This environment of encouragement and supervision leads to results. And bottom line, we all want results. Whether it’s to pick up chicks/dudes, to be a better parent, to show up an ex, to just be healthier, that’s what you’ll get.

Most crossfitters are paleo advocates. Now when I started I had only just heard the term and really had no idea of what it entailed. I was soon enlightened and schooled on the paleo “diet” which became a major turning point for my body. I’ll explain more paleo jargon in a future post. But, my point here is that you also get some degree of guidance when it comes to eating. And paleo is a good platform to embrace.


2. I don’t have time:
I call BS. We’ve all got lives, a story, a reason we CAN’T do something… Is this a reason or an excuse? recognizing why don’t you have the time is a key factor here, which boils down to choices and priorities. People who say they don’t have time usually end up on the couch at 7o’clock at night watching Housewives or on Facebook commenting on Somebody’s status. “I don’t have time” is a poor excuse for just not being committed. Most people are interested in being fit but very few are committed. That’s where results are born. So what’s your excuse?

To reach levels of success you’ve never reached before, you must be committed at a level you’ve never been committed at before.” -Hal Elrod


3. It’s too hard:

I’ve discussed this in a previous post, but CrossFit is all about modifications. Once your fitness level is assessed, the coaches will implement modifications based on your needs. I know it seems intimidating. Understood. Especially when watching these elite athletes do 150 pull-ups in a row, deadlift the weight of a car, and flip tires 3x their size. But guess what? There was a time when those people failed, struggled, and probably felt broken. But they persevered. They are relentless, they are elite, but most of all, they are an inspiration.

We need to look to these top athletes for inspiration, but set reasonable goals based on our own abilities. Most athletes in my box are not some genetic freaks of nature (there’s maybe 2). We are all just people with a 9-5 trying to stay fit. Find your fitness level, own it, improve it. You’ll surprise yourself, and when that feeling of accomplishment is pumping through your blood, you won’t look back.



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