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Member Spotlight – June


This month we would like to recognize Robert from CrossFit Myriad in Redlands.  He is proof that if you dedicate yourself that anything is possible. Congrats on your transformation, you will motivate and inspire others in your box.


Robert lost over 25 inches and almost 21 pounds!


Roberts Progress Report pinpointing where he lost inches.


Here’s how Robert did it:

I first found out about BodymetRX through Coach Val at CF Myriad. We were starting a nutrition challenge that was going to last 8 weeks and Marly came highly recommended.  After years (lifetime) of trying every diet, and experiencing the yoyo effects of what I was doing I was skeptical but up for a challenge. Marly and Coach Val recommended the 3D body scan and SECA MBCA programs so that we could track the results and hopefully see some measurable differences. The RMR (resting metabolic rate) test was also recommended to shorten the time of finding my macronutrient breakdown goals.

On the day of scheduled tests, everything went very smooth. It was a nice easy process and the best part is that you get results almost instantly. I will admit that the hardest part of this for me was reviewing the damage and seeing the actual numbers of my body composition. The good thing is that it was also a very strong motivator to keep me on track during the process.

Coach Val took my results and set me up with a personalized plan for meeting my goals. The main thing was that she didn’t want major weight loss; she wanted consistency and something that was going to last not just shed some water weight.  The RMR test was great because she was able to understand how my body was working and get me started with a solid set of nutrient goals vs. guessing and waiting a week or two to see how I was progressing with a generic plan. I think this was a major key to my success because everyone wants to start seeing some type of results as quick as possible.

I started to track my macronutrients daily and accounted for every gram of food that I ate. Coach Val met with me over the next 8 weeks to assess my progress and was continually modifying my nutrient goals to make sure I was staying on track and making progress. After the first couple of weeks, the measuring and tracking became second nature.  I didn’t feel a huge burden on my life, I was just more aware of what I was eating and made sure to plan appropriately.

At the end of the 8 weeks, I scheduled my follow-up appointment at the BodyMetRX office. Marly asked me when I arrived how I had done. I told her that I wasn’t sure but I stayed on track the majority of the time and I was definitely breathing much easier during WODs. We ran through the SECA MBCA and 3D body scan again. The best part of the tests was being able to see the results side by side with your original numbers and 3D scan. When Marly started to break down the numbers and show me how many inches and bodyfat I lost I was totally shocked. Having these tests so that you can compare measurable results was a huge benefit for my continuing fitness and overall health. I will encourage everyone to have these tests done, not just for a fitness or nutrition challenge, but for everyday use. Knowing and being able to track your results is the only way to make sure your straying on track and making progress to your goal.

I am extremely thankful to Coach Val and everyone at CF Myriad for the coaching and motivation to keep pushing forward. Without her guidance and support, I know that I would not have obtained the results that I was able to in just 8 weeks.

I also want to say thank you to Marly and BodymetRX. When I had finished my last body scan, I could see how excited she was to share the results with me. It is rare to find business owners that have a true passion for what they are doing. Marly is definitely one of those people who are genuinely excited about what they are able to provide and share.

-Robert Smith

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