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Member Spotlight! – August


This month Body MetRx would like to recognize Emily who works out at Above the Line Fitness in Claremont. For those of you with kids who think it’s impossible, think again! Emily is a dedicated mother of 4!… Yes, 4 kids and she made the commitment to herself, for herself to make some changes in her life to improve her health and fitness. I also have kids and I understand first hand that being a mother usually means putting your needs last. But, we all deserve some type of outlet for ourselves and finding that outlet in fitness is the most beneficial. Secondly, finding a gym with a dedicated owner and a group of people that motivate and support you is key. Melody, the owner of Above the Line Fitness is exactly the type of person you want coaching you!

Check out her results:

emily duncan

Emily Duncan1

Here’s Emily’s story:

Before I started training with Melody Sanchez I was over weight, hadn’t worked out in years, and had given up hope that I would ever lose the extra “baby weight.” I went to Above the Line Fitness reluctantly but ended up becoming totally addicted to Melody’s enthusiasm and Crossfit-style classes. During my first nutrition challenge at Above the Line, Melody introduced me to Body MetRx. Body MetRx scientifically analyzed me and gave me my RMR, body fat percentage, and exact measurements. I used those numbers to get a custom meal plan with macros and optimized my fitness and nutrition journey. With the help of Body MetRx and Melody, I ended up winning the nutrition challenge and losing 3.9% body fat in six weeks!

Emily Duncan2

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