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Member Spotlight

BodymetRx would like to recognize this months member for her hard work and dedication. Earleen took her assessment results and recommendations and ran with it. Each visit we are implementing new things to get her to her goals, but in a way that’s manageable and not overwhelming. She is a client who has become a friend and it’s a true joy to see her and her husband on a regular basis.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience so far

I would like to thank Marly from Body MetRx and Mike, my bike trainer for the success I am finally seeing my weight loss. I have tried to lose weight for over 30 years now and have seen very slow progress.   I have tried numerous weight loss plans and joined Weight Watchers when I thought it was the most healthy for me.   I would lose and gain and only lost 30 lbs. in 30 years.

When I saw Mike, (bike trainer) he said he felt I was burning sugar instead of fat and that I needed to get an RMR test done. He introduced me to Marly and now I am seeing results that I’ve been looking for all these years.

The testing is done with Body MetRx has been the best money spent for me. I learned so much from the results that have helped me see success. I learned that my metabolism is slow, the number of calories needed to lose weight, the pictures of my entire body measurements, etc. has been so helpful.

I love that Marly has always been available by e-mail, text, or phone for any questions I have had. She advised me on an eating plan of which foods would be most successful for my weight loss.

Everybody is different in how we process food and exercise and knowing this information for me personally has been informative and allowed me to lose weight, go down 2 sizes in clothes, and feel great.

I lost the cravings for sugar, salty crunchy foods, and using artificial sweeteners. I feel healthy and know that I will continue to see success during my 3-month evaluations.

I highly recommend these tests. I have shared my success with friends who are now using their information to become healthy and successful.

Earleen Hubacek
Yucca Valley, CA

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