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Momspiration (Mom Inspiration)

Anna Martin is a true inspriration. Three kids, full time job, wife, mom, and a body transformation! Who does that? Read her story below…

Anna’s Story

My name is Anna Martin. I am 38- years of age. I work full time as a Registered Nurse with three children ages 20, 4 and 19- months. I am very busy! After my last baby it was really hard for me to lose the extra 15-pounds of pregnancy weight. I was crossfitting 5-6 times a week, but my nutrition was lacking significantly so I wasn’t seeing any progress. I was getting frustrated, so I met with BodymetRx over one year ago and they explained the tests that they do.

Marly and

Erick are so knowledgeable in all that they do and are always ready to answer my questions.

They both make you feel very comfortable and are very professional, making the experience relaxing.  I recently competed in a physique competition in April 2018 and I was feeling uneasy about eating the day after being that I wasn’t on a strict meal plan anymore. So I called Erick up and he pulled my most recent results from 3D Body Scan and formulated a macros meal plan for

me to follow so that I would be able to keep what I worked so hard for.  I am competing in my 2nd competition this September 2018 and I will be working closely with BodymetRx to assist me in reaching my goal of decreasing my body fat from 21% to 16-17% this time around.   Thank you BodymetRx!!

Wow, Anna we look forward to see your September photos!!



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