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Window Shopping.. What’s Hot

Its starting to cool off! And you know what that means. The blazing saunas of the CrossFit boxes are dwindling down and will convert to freezing meat lockers. Now is the time to start thinking about some new gear as we transition into the fall and winter months. I’m definitely not a fashionista, but there’s something about some new gym clothes that make me feel like smashing a WOD. Here’s an outfit that inspires me to kick some ass..


This Reebok One Series Print Tank  from  Reebok is super cute and inspiring. Even if we are not the ideal image of fitness, we can aspire to be the best “me” possible.





And of course you have to have the matching CrossFit Skinny Racer Bra just in case you feel the urge to rip your shirt off and expose those abs after ripping through 150 toes to bar.




Also leggings or tights are going to be coming in handy this season. I’m usually one to purchase plain old black, but as the trend may have it, these wild print legging are in and I’m drawn to these subtle patriotic CrossFit Control Compression Tights .




And of course, who can have too many shoes? Try these Crossfit Sprint 2.0 or customize your own!



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