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Paleo Diet


Paleo? Whaaaat!?….. Here’s a brief synopsis of my experience with the Paleo diet.
The Paleo diet is a very popular lifestyle amongst the CrossFit community. But, this “diet” has changed my life. I know, I know, a pretty deep statement. So, I’ll give a nutshell synopsis of my Paleo diet experience with some links for a more thorough investigation if you’re so inclined.

One month into my CrossFit experience it’s announced that the box will be holding a Paleo challenge. A Paleo what? I’m totally lost at this point and immediately go home and google Paleo diet. I am competitive, as mentioned before, and the CrossFit environment is conducive to those who thrive on a little good ol’ fashioned competition. This place just gets better…. Bring it on! Whatever this Paleo diet crap is, I’m up for the challenge. I’m not the strongest or fastest but I’m sure as hell committed and determined to win.

Upon reviewing the Paleo “diet” and understanding it more, I’m hesitant. The premise seems to go against all things I’ve learned in the past. But whatever, I’ll comply.  After 4 weeks of Paleo and busting my butt in the gym, the results are apparent. I’ve never seen my body transform as it has with implementing Paleo and working out. Mind you, at this time I have a 3 month old and losing the baby weight is pertinent. The first picture of me is 3 months after having my baby prior to my first challenge. And the second photo is 2 months later. So, why Paleo? Why does it work? Well there’s plenty of reasoning. I’ve researched it all. But extremely simplified, JUST EAT REAL FOOD! Avoid anything processed. If it comes in a can or a box, for the most part it’s full of crap that ‘s deterring your progress. For some more in depth help,  Click Here! for a 30 day plan that includes 30 days of grocery lists, recipes, and meal planning. Thirty days should give you enough time to learn how to implement and make the changes needed to start changing your body metrics.

Now, there are shades of gray. Such as legumes, peanuts, and potatoes specifically. They are “real” food but have some properties that will also deter progress. If you can’t substitute these things out just yet no worries, start small and knock out the worst things first… like soda, energy drinks, and 100 calorie snack packs. As appealing and convenient as many of these items may seem, it’s a marketing façade. Don’t fall victim.
So how bad do you want it? Just do it, make the changes that will benefit you. If you fall off, don’t beat yourself up and spiral out of control. We all do it, we all indulge, and you should. Just don’t make it a daily occurrence and set yourself up for heart disease and diabetes.
Bottom line, if you’re not eating right you won’t get the results you want. And then you’ll get pissed and give up. Don’t put yourself on a “diet,” make it a gradual lifestyle change and you can succeed. Subscribe to my email list and I’ll post some of my favorite recipes and some snack tips which are all extremely easy. With 2 little ones time is precious and the faster the better for me. So most of my favorite recipes have limited ingredients but taste amazing.

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