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This month BodymetRx would like to recognize Aly of Crossfit Power Lab in Yucaipa. Since June of last year, she has lost 23 inches across her entire body, gained over ten pounds of muscle and has dropped 12% body fat. I’ve had the pleasure of working out with her and she is a beast. Her drive and determination to change her body metrics are apparent in the effort she puts into her workouts and clean eating.


Here’s her story:

BodymetRx has been such an awesome tool that I have used to track my progress in so many ways. I started my journey, 4 months after my son was born, with about 40-60 pounds of body weight that I had gained. I was determined to lose it and that’s when I decided to start Crossfit. At Crossfit Powerlab in Yucaipa, we started a nutrition challenge and this is when I was introduced to Body MetRx. At first, I have, to be honest, I was a little skeptical. I mean, what was this going to tell me that my scale couldn’t at home. My first experience with it was great! It not only calculated my weight but body fat and fat-free mass just to name a few things. I went on with my 6-week challenge doing what any normal women would do, I stepped on the scale, at least twice a week. I was eating so carefully, working out 3+ times a week and every time I would step on the scale, I would hardly see any results. I was completely discouraged but knew I needed to finish what I started. At my 6 week scan with Body MetRx, my whole perspective changed. I saw REAL results, results that my scale at home couldn’t show me. I saw that I not only lost 10 pounds of fat, but I gained 5 pounds of muscle. On a typical scale, I only saw the 5 pounds loss in 6 weeks, this left me so discouraged as I was doing everything in my power to lose weight. It wasn’t till I saw my REAL results that I realized, what I am doing is working. Body MetRx was such a key factor in my success. If it wasn’t for seeing just how much body fat I was losing and how much muscle I was gaining, I would have given up along time before. This gave me just enough determination to keep going. To this day, I continue to scan with Body MetRx as I get even closer to my goal. 7 months into my fitness journey I am just about 10 pounds away from my goal weight and have been able to track and see the progress I have worked so hard for. My husband and I recently did our RMR as well and are able to take our nutrition and fitness to the next level. Body MetRx offers so many tools to help maximize each individual’s health and fitness goals. I would recommend Body MetRx to anyone wanting to see REAL results.

Thank you, BodymetRx

If you want to see results like Aly it just takes some commitment, raw data on your body, determination, a reliable exercise routine and a lot of drive. If you want to get started contact us today!

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