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Member Spotlight – May

Danny of CrossFit Myriad had quite the body transformation in just 8 weeks during a nutrition challenge put on by his box. He was already lean, but by knowing his RMR and fueling his body properly he was able to lose body fat and put on more muscle.  He is a great example of how proper nutrition can take your body to the next level. Check out his results and his story below!

Danny - Myriad

Here’s what Danny had to say:

I never knew that “eating” and “dieting” could ever be done together. I also only attributed a successful diet to “pounds” loss. With Victoria’s nutrition challenge and BodymetRx, both of these thoughts were squashed. After the initial scan and “resting metabolic” analysis, Victoria was able to write up a nutrition plan that allowed me to eat many different things and never really felt starved. Not only did I lose weight, but my success was hinged on so much more (body fat % change, total fat loss, increase muscle mass, etc).

With BodymetRx’s scans and analysis, I was able to fully appreciate the transformation that my body went through. I also thought it was encouraging and refreshing to not be totally focused on just the scale (and only pounds lost). I feel better and stronger.

Danny -Myraid

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