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Breast Augmentation Recovery and CrossFit

After breast augmentation

After having two kids and breastfeeding each of them for a year, my boobs looked like something out of a National Geographic magazine. While I was nearing the end of breastfeeding my second child I began considering a breast augmentation. I of course hit up Google to see if anybody had documented their experience in regards to the healing process and getting back to their fitness routine. Of course for me I was specifically looking for breast augmentation recovery and CrossFit. If you’re considering implants and are an avid crosfitter, gym goer, runner, etc., hopefully sharing my experience will help give some insight into what to expect. Also, take into consideration that I have a pretty decent threshold for pain, and that everybody is different. My usual workout schedule includes 4 WOD’s, 1 day of interval sprinting, 1 strength day, and 1 real rest day. The week prior to my surgery I got my fill like I was storing for hibernation. I participated in all WOD’s Monday-Thursday, and then Friday was surgery day. I was scheduled for a lift and a 325cc cohesive gel implant. I was unable indulge in a porn star sized breast implant due to needing a lift. When you have sad boobs the lift has to win over the implant size. There goes any future adult entertainment gigs I may have qualified for! ….only kidding.


February 13, 2015: (Friday the 13th, of all days)

I seriously considered hitting up the 5am class on the day of surgery. However, not being able to eat or drink prior to surgery combined with a 5:30am check in time, quickly squashed that idea. After a prego test (negative, Phew!) and succumbing my body to what imitated a soccer play board, I was sedated and game on. I woke up a few hours later with a new rack and was home by 9:30 AM!

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February 14, 2015: (off to CrossFit)

The day after surgery! It basically feels like I did 100 push-ups and my range of motion is limited. I’m unable to get a shirt on by myself so a nice little zip up hoodie accommodated me quite well. I survived just fine off Tylenol so I could save the good stuff and sell it on the black market. (only kidding, it’s still in the bottom of my nightstand drawer). Fortunately my parents kept our little ones over night because the maximum amount of weight I was instructed to lift was 10 lbs. Being that both my girls exceed this weight limit, it was easier to have them out of the house. It’s hard to ignore that motherly instinct when it kicks in. The most difficult aspect of recovery is not being able to hold your little ones (if you have any). With no kids in the house however, I sat outside, read a book, and peed by myself…. sort of a mini vacay! Also on the upside of recovery, I could not do laundry, load the dishwasher or scrub pans! Hell yes! How long can I milk this? This morning I head off to CrossFit… not to WOD sadly, but to get my body composition tested in a Bod Pod.  With my new additions and inflammation, my body fat percentage was higher than anticipated (or so I tell myself) which only made me more anxious to get back to the box.


February 15-19, 2015: (Back to work and back to the gym!)

So I laid low for 4 days. A little R&R was nice I must admit, but getting back to normal was calling me like a fat kid to cake. To scratch that itch I headed out to the home gym and walked on the Proform 505 CST Treadmill (2014 Model). Hooray (in a sarcastic tone). I also did some leg extensions on the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, and some slow, methodical squats. It was not quite the adrenal pumping rush I get from CrossFit, but it was better than nothing and made me feel semi accomplished, while still adhering to my post op instructions. This also concluded me “milking “ it. If I can exercise, I guess I can participate in household chores. BUMMER! Work was fine. I was able to clean grills as normal (I’m currently a dental hygienist) and the most difficult part was getting a lab coat on with having such a limited range of motion. That first week my back was spent by the end of each workday, which was probably due to me overcompensating for the additional poundage on my chest. I really would have  liked to have sat in the spa or bath, but that was out! Another restriction! No soaking for 5 weeks, but showering is fine. Overall, it’s all about adjusting on a daily basis as your body heals to incorporate “normal” back in. Driving for instance was an unexpected challenge. Not being able to fully turn the wheel was interesting, but manageable. Anyway, 1 week down, 4 to go! Keep an eye out for my second week of recovery update on the blog!

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