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September Member Spotlight! – Sarah Phipps

BodymetRx would like to recognize Sarah who is transforming her body one day at a time. She came to us as a referral from Victoria Blood at CrossFit Myriad who has been working with Sarah one on one with her diet. Sarah has been exercising regularly and implementing her meal plan which Victoria derived from her RMR (resting metabolic rate). Anything is possible if you stay focused and dedicated. Keep it up Sarah, you’re looking amazing and inspiring people you don’t even know. Here’s Sarah’s story…..

“In my adult lif, I traded outdoor activities for a high-stress job in an office, which means I am sitting down a majority of my day, healthy meals for fast food, water for soda, energy drinks, and of course we can’t forget the coffee! I have never been particularly fit but I was never really overweight until I hit the sit down workforce. Over the years I have tried to lose the weight on my own with a few moments of success but nothing that really seemed to stick.

Several months ago I was chit chatting with a friend from work who was seeing Victoria Blood, a nutritional coach, and the amazing progress she had been making. I thought what could this hurt? After all, I have spent my money on worse things, right? Little did I know what a life changing experience I was in for! The first thing I did with Victoria was to visit Marley Paulus at Body MetRx for my resting metabolic rate, body scan for my measurements, and my body fat percentage. Let’s just talk about your resting metabolic rate for a moment. This is in the simplest terms how many calories your body naturally burns at rest. So…. What did we discover?? My RMR was higher than the average bear but not high enough that I could just eat whatever wanted. What that meant for me was when I was trying to follow the average 1200 calorie diet I starved, but when I fall off the wagon and eat like a maniac I am overeating. As you can imagine this has been a BIG factor in my ability to lose weight.

The first week I dropped a sizable amount of weight, which as you can imagine only lit my fire! Over the course of 4 months, I have lost 18 lbs, 20 inches and gained some muscle in the process. I won’t lie I have fallen off the wagon several times. Life gets crazy! Remember my high-stress job mentioned above? I also went through a breakup, followed by a long lull of feeling less than worth it, and for those of us who are emotional eaters/drinkers, this is never good for our fitness programs. I also really love to travel and tend to fall off my program throughout my time away. Let me tell you I could write the book on excuses for not doing my part with this program. But! No matter how hard I’ve hit the cheeseburgers I have found that finding my way back to the right track has been pretty easy with Victoria’s nutritional plan.

My life has changed significantly! And all because I got a referral from someone else who knows the struggle of trying to drop pounds in the less than perfect environment. I feel amazing, not only do I have tons of energy, I sleep better, workout harder and really think about what I am putting into my body. I didn’t have to change too many things about what I was already eating just a few little tweaks here and there. I even participate in boot camp classes every week!”


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