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Caitlin McKee BS Exercise & Sport Science University of Utah,
BS/MS Nutrition & Dietetics D’Youville College
I was a competitive gymnast for several years growing up and eventually found CrossFit as an adult. I gradually realized how critically nutrition impacts sports performance and how much misinformation is available to athletes regarding proper nutrition.
About Me

After having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science and having worked in the field of Corporate Health and Wellness, I returned to school for my Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics to better understand the Science of Nutrition and share it with other experienced or novice athletes who want to improve their performance.

Athletes and non-athletes alike are bombarded with information regarding a myriad of diets supposedly designed to target weight loss, sports performance, health and disease management without any parameters for deciding what route is appropriate for their individual lifestyle and abilities. My goal is to assist you in assessing how your nutrition is impacting your goals, (whether they be in the realm of performance, weight loss, or health management) and working with you to create a personal, unique plan for your success.