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Candace MorganDietitian Nutritionist,
Board Certified Sports Dietitian,
Diabetes Educator
Hi, my name is Candace Morgan. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Sports Dietitian, and a Certified Diabetes Educator with a Master in Nutritional Science. My passion is helping others to get healthy and be in their “BEST” health possible. I love the simple approach!

I am just an ordinary woman that loves healthy food and encouraging others to eat healthily. I have two young children and as a family, we prepare delicious nourishing meals and avoid anything processed.

I am also an athlete. I love to push my body by trying different activities and workouts. I personally enjoy running, spin, CrossFit, and triathlons. I believe in fueling the body with proper foods to enhance performance and I would love to help you too!

Realistic Meal Planning

My approach is to provide a realistic meal plan based on your goals and schedule. I will teach you how to eat healthily and live happier. I look forward to providing people with healthy tips, recipes, and motivation that can be utilized to implement a better lifestyle. It comes down to two important things; education and planning.