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Marly PaulusOwner, B.S.,
Certified Body Composition Analyst,
Level 1 Nutrition Certification,
Precision Nutrition Certified
My passion is assisting people with losing weight through fitness and nutrition. I started BodymetRx as a way to share my passion with others.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. What I want most is to instill in my two girls that anything is possible and the best way to help themselves is by helping others. It’s rewarding to help an individual lose weight and witness how it changes their entire demeanor. When a person feels good about the way they look physically they exude confidence. To be a part of that transition is rewarding and that’s what drives me.

My Journey

I was gaining weight while I was exercising and eating right. I knew that it had to be muscle weight. But was it? I was anxious to know if my efforts were paying off and set forth to find out. After much research, I determined that the SECA mBCA was the most convenient and accurate device to measure my body fat and muscle mass. However, locating one near me was difficult. I now had a problem with a solution and the only deterrent was accessibility. At this point, I just had to get my hands on a SECA mBCA. I’ve always known that my passion is assisting people in losing weight through fitness and nutrition, but I was never really able to pinpoint how I could fulfill that drive until now.

At this point, I was partially satisfied. There were still questions I had that needed to be answered in order to really help people dial in their weight loss and improve their fitness. Like, how many calories do I eat? Are those online calculators accurate? I want to burn fat. But what’s my fat burning zone? How can I take accurate and consistent body surface measurements to see where I’m improving? I wanted to be able to have an answer to all those questions that wouldn’t result in using an online calculator. With my husband on board, we found the answers to these questions. Utilizing the equipment we have has given me the knowledge to know how much I should eat, and not be afraid to gain weight. That feeling is empowering.

I’m trying to gain weight for the first time in my life, and to see that it’s muscle and not fat is rewarding. I want others to experience that same feeling and to stay motivated if their home scale is deterring them. Chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’re putting in the effort. Now, I’m able to help others get a comprehensive view of their fitness that is unique to them, that changes with them, that can be used to implement a healthier lifestyle. I can help them stay motivated to change their body metrics. Witnessing that transition in people is the answer to fulfilling the drive I’ve always had.