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Last Minute Gift Guide for Health and Fitness


Doing some last-minute shopping for the holidays? Here are 10 no-fail gifts that you can feel good about giving as they infuse a bit of health and wellness into the lives of your loved ones!

Clean Cooking

Crazy Sexy Kitchen, by Kris Carr, features so many delicious, healthy recipes, it will encourage the gift recipient to get creative at mealtime with 150 plant-empowered recipes!


Kitchen Gadget

They’ll eat more avocado with this one-of-a-kind slicer/pitter!


Go Green!

This Microgreens Kit lets your loved ones grow nutritious greens on their windowsill all year long. And it’s a great learning experience for children! My girls enjoy watching them grow and progress.


Warmth in a Cup 

Yerba Mate tea has several health-promoting antioxidants and it will keep you warm and cozy! It’s a great alternative to coffee to use as a little pick me up… I keep a few bags in my office just in case!


Thoughtful Thoughts

For the loved one who is hungry for inspiration, this gift encourages people to journal her dreams and reach your goals. I was introduced to it at a seminar and love it. It’s also filled with inspirational quotes.


Guide Them Through Meditation

Perfect for beginners, with this CD, renowned Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., presents six practices that will open the door to the serenity and joy of meditation. Another alternative for the iPhone user is an app called Headspace. (maybe an iTunes gift card paired with the salt ionizer below)


Purify Their Air

Pure Crystal Salt ionizes indoor air, simulating the cell-nourishing ions of an ocean breeze. You’ve probably seen one in your massage therapists office.


Balance Their Water
This alkalizing water bottle, The Original IonPod, lets your loved ones improve their health by merely drinking water! It raises the pH of any water you add to it. And we know how important drinking water is.


Skincare Splurge

Here’s what Gwyneth Paltrow had to say about S.W. Basics of Brooklyn (formerly Sprout Skincare): “It’s the way it should be, made once a week in small batches, using glass jars and supporting local, sustainable farms” It’s also organic and vegetarian.


Align with Oils
This Chakra Essential Oil Kit features seven aromatherapy oil blends specifically created to correspond with our seven chakras.