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By Daniel Reyes

You don’t need much to get a great workout from home! You would be surprised what a few sets of dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands and even a jump rope can do for you. Some are intimidated with the gym atmosphere as it can be somewhat overwhelming. Some have busy lifestyles and work crazy hours or even work solely from home. Here are some simple yet effective workouts you can do from home.

Here is a list of items you can purchase.

  • Dumbbells; a few pairs of dumbbells varying in weights anywhere from 5 lbs to 20 lbs will be enough for most people. If you want one set that can be adjusted, we love Bowflex Select adjustable weights.
  • Kettlebells ; get a few in different weights to do a variety of different exercisees.
  • Resistance Bands; they usually come in different resistant levels. These are one of my favorites because they don’t slip.
  • Exercise Ball; they come in different sizes depending on someone height so check the box they usually have it listed what size would best fit you. Start here:


3-5 SETS; 15-20 REPS

  • Dumbbell shoulder laterals
  • Dumbbell chest fly on the exercise ball (laying on ball with your neck and shoulders resting on ball. Hip your hips up high feet directly under the feet)
  • Single arm bent over rows with Kettle bell
Image result for single arm bent over kettlebell row
  • Standing bicep curls with resistance bands (Stand on the band with the middle of your foot. Feet hip width apart)
  • Supine (on floor or ball to engage more balance and core) Dumbbell triceps extensions


3-5 SETS; 15-20 REPS

  • Dumbbell alternating lunges (stationary or walking)
  • Kettle bell sumo squats (wide stance feet pointed out)
  • Hip thrust on exercise ball (neck and shoulders on ball hips high. Drop hips and bring back up squeezing the glutes at the very top. Add weight as needed.
  • Supine ball hamstring curls (On your back feet and heels on the ball toes pointed back. Keep your hips up so just your neck and shoulders are on the floor. Pull the ball towards you with your heels keeping the hips up abs engaged.)
Image result for supine ball hamstring curls