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3 Tips to Beginning meditation

Meditation is becoming more popular as people’s knowledge starts to grow about health and wellness. In order to incorporate meditation into your daily life, you don’t need to sit on a rug with your legs crossed for an extended period of time. Beginning meditation is as simple as taking a few minutes of your day to just be present in the moment that you’re in. And the benefits are worth the few minutes!

Stress reduction is a major benefit of meditation. In today’s world we tend to constantly be on the run while our lives seem to pass us by. I myself am guilty of this at times. And it’s good to check yourself and really be present, to think about what’s important in your life. For me it’s my family. There are always those trying moments in life… Ex: you’re cooking dinner, one kid wants you to hold her. If you put her down she cries and becomes a stage 3 clinger. You can’t move, so you concede to holding her and trying to continue to cook. The second kid poops and is yelling, “Mom! Come wipe my butt!” So hopefully you turn the stove to low and handle the situation so you’re not bleaching out skids from the hello kitty panties. Back to the kitchen for single armed cooking. Husband comes in and can’t find “that one thing” that’s always on the third shelf to the right. So you have to stop dinner AGAIN, walk him over there and Voila! It has magically appeared! Now dinner is burning and you either want to rip your hair out or hide somewhere.
If this sounds familiar, it’s good to incorporate a little meditation so that you don’t shank somebody or go postal. If this does not sound familiar then I invite you over to experience a little madness.

Here’s a couple tips to help you regroup and start incorporating a bit of meditation into your daily routine:

1. Take a few minutes to get outside and either walk or sit in a peaceful environment. Lunch hours are great for this. Take a few minutes and focus on just your breath, what your hear, what you feel. Like the breeze, warmth of the sun on your skin, or the sand on your toes.

2. If you function better on a routine, try getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning to sit in peace and quiet before your day begins. Or if you’re a night owl, make it an evening practice to sit and take a few deep breaths, focusing on the inhale and exhale.

3. If lunch hour is not an option, take these few moments at your desk or whatever location may be to focus on breathing and clear your head. If you are micromanaged go to the bathroom! Everybody poops, they’ll just suspect you’re extremely regular.

As your meditation progresses then you can consider busting out a carpet and crossed leg position. But for now, keep it simple to keep your sanity. If you want a comprehensive guided approach to meditation Click Here!