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Wellness Travel: Plan Your Journey


Wellness travel has reached a $106 billion global industry, so it’s never been easier to plan a vacation that’s focused on your wellbeing.

From yoga retreats in Costa Rica or Bali to deep spiritual quests in South America to hands-on learning weekends at centers such as Kripalu, Canyon Ranch, and The Omega Institute, to meditation retreats in the South of France or the Canadian outback, the options are seemingly endless! To cut through the overwhelm and help you make the right travel decisions, you’ll want to take several considerations into account before you embark on your journey.

What’s Your Wellness Goal?
Think about what’s prompting you to get away. Are you in desperate need of relaxation? (For me that’s every day) Do you want to kick-start your fitness or healthy eating plan? Do you want to learn to meditate? Are you feeling removed from the natural world? Do you want to reconnect with your loved one? Jot down some ideas to help you get clear on what you want to experience.

What’s Your Travel Style?
Next, consider how you like to travel. Are you someone who roughs it, regularly camping and spending time in hostels? Or, are you someone who prefers having top-notch amenities and concierge to cater to your needs? Perhaps you fall somewhere in-between? Make sure your destination (and your mode of getting there) align with how you normally like to travel for the most comfortable experience.

What’s Your Budget?
How much money can you spend on your vacation? By having a set figure in mind you can better craft your time away to match your travel style. For example, if you have limited funds but feel more relaxed in refined accommodations, you may be able to afford a rejuvenating weekend at a 4-star eco-lodge, but not a full two-week vacation. A budget will help you remain realistic about your experience. And, if you covet a luxurious trip but can’t afford it, a budget will help you get you there as you put away money over time.

Will You Have Company?
Are you traveling solo, or would you like to embark on your wellness journey with a best friend or loved one? Or, maybe you want to bring your entire family? If you are traveling with others, you’ll want to take into consideration their goals and travel style as you plan your trip.

Working through these questions will help get you focused and excited about your trip. And based on your answers, you’ll be led to the experience that best fits your style and temperament and allows you to relax, recharge—and return feeling truly revived!


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