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Summertime Detox

It’s summertime! I don’t know about you, but this time of year warrants pool side BBQ’s, fun summer treats and adult libations. Now, we all know that moderation is key, but sometimes we get carried away and all rationale goes out the window. For me it starts like this: things start heating up by the pool, my husband makes some jungle juice for our parched guests, I drink ice water disguised as jungle juice in a red solo cup until I get called out. Our guests then twist my arms and force me to drink several cups of this lethal concoction. Next thing you know I’m droppin’ it like I was 24 years old again eating chocolate chip cookies like they’re kale chips. A few hours later reality sets in and I know there’s no way I’m gonna make 5am CrossFit the next day. Now what!? Well, the answer is another biohack from Dave Asprey. I would say I’m border line infatuated with this guy. He’s been an inspiration and has developed a number of biohacks to improve the health and wellness of others. Not to mention, he’s not an MD getting a cut from the Pharmaceutical companies so his products/recommendations are developed from first hand experience not text books and kick backs.
Anyway, the biohack is activated charcoal, which was actually brought up to me by a friend and I hadn’t heard much about it. Of course it was a product of Dave Asprey! How did I miss this one? Anyway, I decided to do a little research myself on this undiscovered (to me) biohack of Bulletproof Upgraded Coconut Charcoal.
What is it: a highly absorbent material made from wood, debris or coconut shells that have been burned.  This absorbent material binds to and removes chemicals, poisons, heavy metals and intestinal gases.
Here’s the simple version of what it is and what it can do for you:
When you consume poor quality processed foods it causes cellular damage that leads to compromised immunity and rapid aging. When you take activated charcoal after consuming such food items, it will remove these toxins and leave you feeling renewed within minutes.  It will also help the unwanted bacteria move through your system before they have a chance to multiply.
It’s very useful to take when drinking alcohol to tone down the after effects. So, this summer if you plan on getting spicy and indulging, you may want to pick up some Bulletproof Upgraded Coconut Charcoal,  and take 2 capsules when consuming alcohol and poor quality food.
A few other bonus uses include:
  • When you feel moody or tired it will help alleviate your funk
  • It’s safe for pregnant women to take to bind to toxins
  • It’s also helpful for jet lag


  • Constipation is a potential side effect so consult your doctor
  • Make sure to get high quality fine grain capsules, many companies will use coarse grain which is not as effective.
  • This is a fun one… it will turn your poop black, so be prepared!

So, before you go down dirty this summer get prepared! And don’t forget to drink water and wear sunscreen!


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